What is unreasonable?

I don’t think we have to go through a lot of research in order to differentiate what is unreasonable and what is not. And I just realized today that not everyone is aware that they are being ‘unreasonable’

To my fellow Filipinos, I just want to remind you that we are protected by our Constitution (under Art. III, Sec. 2) against unreasonable searches and seizure by any agent or officer of the state. This includes police officers, traffic enforcers, military personnel and even your public school teacher. If the law provides these people with a ground to search or to seize your property, then we must accede to that. But remember that though can search or seize your property, they can only do so under reasonable circumstances.

What is reasonable? Is it reasonable for a police officer with a warrant to search your house and break your very precious china? Is it reasonable for a traffic officer to hit your vehicle after they issue you a ticket? Is it reasonable for an officer to still tow your car, in front of you, after they have notified you that you are illegally parked? I do not think so.

To all our highly regarded (supposedly) officers of the State, please respect our rights. Please be the beacons towards a brighter and better country. Please do not act capriciously and whimsically whenever you execute your duty. We, the common people, are just like you – we get hurt too when you shout at us. So please help make this country a better place to live in. And to drive at.


Asking Questions

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom – Sir Francis Bacon

Why do we ask questions? Is it simply because we want answers to mind-boggling situations that we don’t know how to address?

Yes and No.

Yes, we do ask questions to get answers. We ask questions because we will always have more things that are yet to enter our repository of knowledge. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, we make an estimate of 5 exabytes of data every 2 days. That could translate to exabytes of new information per week that I have no idea how to fit inside the human brain. With that number, no wonder there are so many things that we want to know! Still, people choose not to ask questions. Instead, they try to answer their question by other means, like hypothesizing then experimenting, reading materials, skilfully inferring it from actions or context clues, or worse – assuming an idea to be the answer. I hate that assuming part. I’d rather have that person learn it himself. Not only does assuming usually lead to a wrong conclusion, but most of the time, people try to believe deeply that this idea is true even without discounting its possible falsity. There is no harm in asking questions; people actually save time when they ask! And I hate people who hate being asked questions. I get it that sometimes you are too busy to be asked questions, but if it’s your duty to be a dispenser of knowledge, then please do make good use of your intelligence and do help others out.

But I guess asking is really only for those with the guts to walk up to a person. And also for those who has a genuine thirst for knowledge. The smart guys.

No, because asking a question is also a way to communicate ideas and feelings. It’s a form of submission to another person. It’s a form of showing respect to another person. It’s also another way of telling a person, “Hey, I’d love to work with you on this thing.” It’s always more than wanting to get answers. That’s why I am happy when people ask me questions. Not because I feel more intelligent than them (though sometimes I do, but let me revel on it a bit :p) but it’s because I can sense a person’s humility and wisdom every time someone approaches me and asks me something. This gesture reminds me there are people who are not greedy or prideful. These people are the ones who are worthy of a stimulating intellectual discussion and a smile.=)

So to those 2 strangers who added some warmth to my day, thanks!

Birthday SEX!

YES, it can be sex that you want OR it could mean what I mean –


Today was my friend’s birthday and we threw her a very nice surprise we’ve tried to build for a whole week. To make the long story short, we had her “guy” go to school after class to sing a song for her. So nice right? I think this might be the best birthday gift she has ever received. We are very happy for her 😀

Because of this, I started thinking about my own birthday. I’m not a fan of gifts, because I usually ask for really expensive ones. To compensate, I ask for really memorable experiences/adventures with people. This is why December time is a difficult time to think about stuff for the Christmas wishlist for school/company exchange gifts. haha Anyway, the point of this entry is for me to put into words what I really want for my birthday. Why? Well, if you decide to give me gifts or throw a surprise for me, this will be a nice guide for you 😉

So let’s start with the material ones! I posted this on my Facebook too, so I’ll just copy-paste:
Gadgets and Techie Stuff

  • 1 TB Seagate External Drive
  • Newest iPad :p
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • A MacBook?
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Philipps Wireless Headphones
  • Canon Prime Lens
  • Canon Speedlite Flash
  • Books

  • Percy Jackson Books
  • I got the 1st 5 already 🙂

  • Harry Potter
  • John Grisham
  • Here’s a list that I already have

  • The Litigator
  • The Street Lawyer
  • The Firm
  • The Pelican Brief
  • The Appeal
  • The Brethren
  • Others

  • New shoes! Size 9
  • New law school worthy shirts S or M
  • Pants Size 31/32
  • 3-ring File folder
  • Medicine Kit
  • For the non-material, or at least, hard to materialize:

  • Fly my girlfriend over 😉
  • A trip to somewhere in the Philippines/Southeast Asia
  • A very nice picnic
  • 100 hugs!
  • A concert / theatrical performance / anything musical date
  • Going somewhere new
  • Doing something new
  • Cooking activity
  • Help raise money to donate to charity
  • A reunion with old friends
  • Well, I guess this is it for now.. I’ll keep on updating this list too 🙂

    See you!

    High School is musical

    No, I’m not a fan of HSM. But seriously, I miss high school a lot.

    Just before I left the place I was studying at, I was talking to Maye, a schoolmate from MunSci, about our fond memories of that phase in life. We were talking about the weird rules and practices we had like the No PE uniform during classes (was removed not so long after we complained), the giving out of wooden trophies, the change from blackboard to whiteboard, JS Prom in a prestigious hotel and muddy lots transforming into a gigantic parking lot during PTA meetings – all happening in a small public science high school. We were also discussing our habits and petty activities like our field demo experiences, how we get to participate in extra-curricular activities, sucking up to our teachers for extra credit, playing street games inside the classroom, brunches over study time, and also how we enjoy making corsets for our JS prom during chemistry class! Hahahaha! It was really nostalgic to go through all of these memories, especially now that we are getting battered with emotion-numbing law school experiences.

    Well, that is why Maye and I are planning to visit our school by the bay later this afternoon, just to reminisce properly :p And also just to see how it looks like now (and maybe to feel how it feels like now as alumni of that institution). I call it an institution coz I attribute to it a lot of my successes and inclinations now like my math and computer prowess, my advocacy on education, my passion for music and also my love for helping out people 😉

    So, see you later, Muntinlupa Science High School!
    Photo from MunSci Facebook page

    Day 1 of Many

    The first step in achieving your goal is to talk about it

    Well, I’ve always wanted to make a Journal of the things that happen to my life.

    I’ve planned for it for a billion times already but I never got started coz I felt my planning wasn’t done yet. So I guess it’s better to just jump in with all of my preliminaries and just continue on revising the plan while taking the journey. It’s similar to that MVP idea (Minimum Viable Product) Kat Kho told me before, which describes a process of jumping in the market with just the minimums of your business/product just to see how your market would react to it. I hope I got that right.

    But I guess I should try to introduce myself first before this gets boring.

    I’m Jocs Dilag, I am an AIESECer, a number lover, a hardcore entrepreneur and all-around friend 🙂 Oh, and I dream of becoming a lawyer too! People say that I look older than my real age, and they feel like I’ve done a lot already in my life for my age. Well, I think I do, coz I was able to finish college, work in the corporate world, share my passion in a non-profit organization, have my own business, and now take up law – all in just 22 years. So expect a lot of random ideas, experiences and thoughts in this blog.

    The reason for writing this blog is for me to have a record of all of the things that will happen to me in a year. I know Facebook and Twitter helps, but I think a blog would give depth to the ideas I post there. I also want to see if this blogging thing can help me with my memory problem, so look at this as an experiment too.

    Ok, now back to the boring bit.

    During the New Year’s Eve mass at our church, Father Ega talked about wishes and resolutions. He said that wishes are “goals” and resolutions are “action steps”, and they must be thought of together. I’ve always written my list of goals and action steps separately, so I guess I’d start writing them down together. I’ve written down a “Bucket List” for 2013 with not-so-concrete-action-steps. I don’t expect to finish all of these, but I will do my best to do so. Oh, it would be nice if you could help me 🙂

    2013 Bucket List

    • Create a Journal
    • Write in Journal at least 5x per month
    • Keep my GWA higher than 2.25
    • Get a gym membership
    • Go to the gym at least 5x per month
    • Maintain weight at 60-65 kg
    • Travel to at least 3 countries
    • Travel to at least 2 places outside of CALABARZON/Metro Manila/Pampanga
    • Finish 5 new books (not law books)
    • Re-create all of my Bar Exam reviewers
    • Watch 20 movies
    • Ang Nawawala
    • The Impossible
    • Perks of a wallflower
    • Les Miserables
    • Have a net savings of at least 3,000 every 2 months
    • Have a dinner with friends at least once every month
    • Come up with 3 business proposals
    • Get to play a particular sport regularly
    • Revise my birth month traditions
    • Have a trip with the family
    • Write down 5 new personal recipes
    • Try out 20 new things
    • Weight Training with PQ
    • Join an organization in Law SchoolBarOps!
    • Participate in an AIESEC event
    • Shop for clothes once a month

    And I should remember to do the following:

    • Maintain my weekly and monthly reminders
    • Proper diet and exercise
    • Improve study habits
    • Fix wardrobe
    • Take care of car, shoes, gadgets and condo unit
    • Go to church regularly
    • Drink vitamins
    • Have my annual check up and regular dentist appointments
    • SMILE everyday 🙂

    There! I hope I can really shoot all of these goals in one year. 2012 was a roller coaster of emotions and adventures. I hope 2013 will be better, or at least, more fulfilling. So, to quote my Facebook post:

    Shoot for the stars

    Thanks for everyone who became part of my life’s adventure! If you think you’ve helped me one way or another, SMILE! 🙂 Coz you made me smile this year 😉

    2013, tara! 😀

    Well, then I guess this ends here.. for now. See you!